Secret 424(k) Accounts Creating Most New Retirement Millionaires?


Dear Friend,

I wouldn’t be surprised if you’d never heard of 424(k)s...

That’s because even though they could save us from America’s retirement crisis, they are never advertised.

They have nothing to do with stocks, bonds, options, annuities or anything else like that.

But word of what we've dubbed 424(k)s is spreading thanks to the presentation you’re seeing today.

As THIS video goes viral, some everyday Americans are waking up to the retirement option they’ve been missing.

The thing is that you too could open up a “worry-free” 424(k) starting with as little as $25.

And it couldn’t be easier! In fact...

424(k)s Could Pay You 90-Times More
Than Ordinary Dividends!

Why are they called 424(k)s?

Just like the IRS Code 401 that allows employers to set up individual retirement pension plans, 401(k)s...

There’s a similar rule 424 that authorizes certain companies to make these special accounts available...

Even if you’ve never worked there a day in your life!

Think about that.

Public companies usually pay a measly 2% or 3% on their ordinary dividends.

That’s certainly not enough income to retire on.

But that’s not the case with their virtually unknown 424(k) programs...

In fact, I’ve found some of America’s biggest companies paying holders of these accounts up to 5-, 19-, even 90-times more than their regular dividends!

And this is a fixed agreement...

Which means you know exactly how much you make going in...

Your principal is substantially safer than it is in common stocks...

You could withdraw your money at any point...

And your payouts often flow in monthly...

Some pay...

246 of America’s biggest and most profitable companies offer this program...

And you could access these payouts with a very small investment—while substantially cutting your risk...

As Forbes writes, “...when it comes to creating retirement income, [424(k)s] are among the most underutilized investments that can help remedy the situation.”

And USA Today says that although 424(k)s are a “forgotten corner of Wall Street,” “Investors need to know how to dig deeper to find out about these widely-available but less obvious corporate investments.”

That’s why I’ve done the digging for you.

And what I’ve found is that it couldn’t be easier!

In order to start taking advantage of 424(k)s today... all you need is three things:

Over the next few minutes, I’ll reveal the passcode you need to access these potentially cash-gushing programs.

I’ll share with you the companies that are handing retirees 5-, 19-, even 90-times bigger payouts.

But first, allow me to introduce myself... and how I uncovered these 424(k) Accounts.

My Biggest Income Discovery
in Over 30 Years

My name is Robert Baillieul.

I’ve spent my adult life immersed in the financial markets... uncovering obscure highly lucrative ideas you likely won’t hear about on CNBC or in The Wall Street Journal.

It’s this mission that ultimately took me to my position as senior income analyst at Lombardi Publishing Corporation—one of the largest independent investment research firms in the world.

Here I have the freedom to show my readers the most lucrative income deals...

But in all my decades in the markets, I’ve never come across anything quite like 424(k) Accounts.

If you’re retired or near retirement and need fixed, reliable income streams to pay for your expenses...

Or even if you plan to continue working and just want to supplement your paycheck with “work-free” income...

Then 424(k)s could be what you’ve been waiting for.

You see, if you’re like most investors and own blue-chip stocks or mutual funds...’re likely, at best, collecting ordinary dividends that pay 2% or 3%...

But as incredible as it sounds, some of these same blue-chip companies—solid, safe household American names—pay up to 90-times as much as their own dividends....

With potentially lucrative perks unavailable to average shareholders.

Collect $46,872 in “Work-Free” Income
Every Year for Life?

Here’s a deposit from a major American insurance firm...

All you had to do to potentially collect this money was to get yourself a 424(k) from this insurance company.

And in less than nine months’ time, you could have received this payout.

In this case, your payout could have been a $4,388 gain on just a $10,000 investment!

Some companies pay totals of up to $14,156 to their 424(k) holders...

Even as much as $21,788.

My point is this: There are dozens of companies that offer these opportunities.

Getting started with just $10,000 into each of seven companies could have potentially handed you average gains of $46,872 every year for the last 6 years.

With 15 or more, you could easily pocket 6 figures.

As one former banker puts it, “[424(k) payouts are] close to guaranteed as an equity investor can get.”

And they are offered by some of the biggest and most profitable companies out there.

Companies with tons of cash flow, like...

But there’s no reason to stop there...

In total, 246 companies offer this payout program.

“What Exactly Are 424(k) Accounts?”

And why do they pay so much?

424(k)s are unlike anything you’ve ever seen before...

They’re a $500-billion niche of the market.

That’s a whole lot of cash hiding in plain sight.

But there’s nothing really complicated or dark about how they operate or why they exist.

You see, there’s no catch when it comes to 424(k)s.

When companies need to raise money for a new project, expansion, or acquisition... they need financing from investors.

And they simply can’t do this with ordinary shares, because the more shares they issue, the lower the worth of all the shares becomes. It’s called dilution. (That’s why you’ll rarely see Warren Buffett issue new shares of Berkshire Hathaway to buy a company.)

Thus the invention of 424(k)s in the 19th century.

Railroads, electric companies, and oil rigs started using 424(k)s to attract heavyweight investors.

And the Robber Barons loved 424(k)s, because it allowed them to attract other big investors—without diluting control of their beloved companies.

That’s why legendary names like...




And Rockefeller...

...each owned 424(k)s.

As USA Today reports,

“[424(k)s] have been around since the late 1800s and have been a key holding for many old-money families.”

And the Chicago Tribune even calls them “an upper notch in the investor pecking order.”

Now, all of this would be nothing more than just interesting history... or nice to know what the big guys are doing... if it wasn’t for one simple fact:

There’s nothing legally preventing everyday investors from accessing these same lucrative payouts.

It’s just that they aren’t advertised.

Let me show you a few examples of how 424(k)s work...

$1,815 From This Energy Company

A major energy company offers a 424(k) Account right now.

It costs less than $25 to start—the going rate for some of these plans.

And investing $5,000 will return you a total of $888—in eight separate payments. After the payments are complete, you get back your $5,000.

Plus an extra predetermined bonus of $927.

In total then... You could put in $5,000 and get back $6,815. A 36% return in just two years.

Not a bad deal, I’d say.

And you don’t have to invest $5,000. You could put in less or more. It’s up to you.

And remember, these 424(k) payments are as close to guaranteed as it gets.

I can’t stress that enough. In the stock market, nothing is guaranteed. Not your dividends. Not your principal.

In this case, you know exactly how much you’re going to make going in.

Here’s another reason why this is so much better than stocks...

You Could Be Protected if the
Stock Market Plummets

Let’s look at this example.

The stock of a large American shipping company was trading for around $12.

So you could have purchased 800 shares for $9,600.

Here’s what happened next...

The stock dropped to $6. Your $9,600 holding would have only been worth $4,800.

A crushing 50% loss.

That’s awful.

But during that exact same time period, the company offered 424(k)s.

If your $9,600 was in their 424(k) instead of their common stock, you could have actually been paid $858; that’s a 9% return on your money while the company’s stock declined 50%!

What’s more, you wouldn’t have lost a cent on your principal.

Take a look...

Here’s another one...

This investment bank was rocked coming out of the Great Recession of 2009, and over the course of 31 months, its stock price dropped by over 45%.

If you invested $100,000 into traditional shares, you’d have lost nearly $46,000...

On the other hand, if you’d taken that same $100,000 and put it into the company’s 424(k) Account, you’d have seen not only a solid appreciation of 32%...

But also over $16,105 in payouts!

All told, you could have potentially walked away with your original investment, plus $48,105.

That’s a 48% return.

All you had to do was...

How to Add Your Name to a 424(k) Account

The great thing about 424(k)s is that you could buy them through any old brokerage account...

You just need the specific passcode every company creates for their 424(k)...

As little as $25...

And then you could be on your way.

But you can’t just close your eyes and blindly pick any 424(k).

It’s important to be selective.

For instance, the company that offers the plan matters.

So does their status and “investment grade.”

That’s why I’ve screened all 246 of these company-offered 424(k) retirement plans...

And using my criteria, I’ve narrowed my selection down to just three 424(k)s offered by some of America’s biggest and most profitable companies.

And in my just-released, hot-off-the-press research report, 424(k) Accounts: America’s Secret Retirement Income Plans...’ll find the names of these three companies and their 424(k) “passcodes”...

Plus my comprehensive 424(k) strategy showing you how to build a large and safe 424(k) portfolio...

Access Your Free Report
Within 48 Business Hours

We value this report at $95, which is a mere fraction of the income these income plans could generate for you each month.

But the great thing I haven’t mentioned yet is that you won’t be charged a penny for my research report, 424(k) Accounts: America’s Secret Retirement Income Plans.

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424(k) Accounts are just one good example.

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Retire Comfy Without Worry?

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That's the kind of investment you want to own.

And that’s why I created Passive Monthly Income.

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And in case you decide to cancel after that, you can still get a refund on your remaining subscription cost, no questions asked. I can’t be fairer than that.

But now it’s your turn.

In this presentation, you’ve seen people use 424(k) Accounts to collect steady annual incomes.

And the great thing is, once you are enrolled, payouts from 424(k)s are deposited right into your private account.

While it would be wrong to tell you exactly how much you could collect monthly, because that will solely depend on how much you begin your plan with, one thing is certain.

You have to get your name added to a plan right away.

All you have to do to get started is click the link below. It will take you to our secure order page where you can read a summary of everything I’ve just said before you place your order.

Don’t waste another moment on this.

Click the link below now!


Robert Baillieul, B. Comm.
Lead Editor & Analyst
Passive Monthly Income