Over 100 of America's Biggest Companies Pay Out Billions of Dollars in…

"Section 1059 Plans"

Companies hand out these little-known lump-sum cash payments…even 34 times bigger than the regular quarterly dividends they pay!


Dear Fellow Investor,

Have you heard of "Section 1059 Plans"?

If not, you could be missing out on a fantastic source of extra income.

Over 100 large companies paid out billions of dollars in "Section 1059 Plans" within the last year.

And thousands of investors and corporate insiders cashed these checks or had the payments deposited directly into their brokerage accounts.

James* was declared $13,670 in one lump-sum payment from his "Section 1059 Plan."

Another example is George*, a businessman.

He was declared a lump-sum payment of $20,156.

Larry* went big, collecting an estimated $44,795.

Helen* went really big…off the charts big.

She was declared a whopping $224,660 single payment from her "Section 1059 Plan."

That works out on average to an extra $4,320 in her pocket each and every week for a year!

Hard to believe?

Well, these are real people; corporate insiders. We changed their first names to respect their privacy. The payments they have been declared are factual.

Now, if you haven't heard about what we call "Section 1059 Plans," it's understandable.

They're not advertised in the mainstream media.

There is very little information about them on the Internet.

And the government doesn't help you find out about them, either.

Yet the Payments from These Plans Could Add up to a Second Income!

And what's really great about the payments from these plans is that it's your business how you spend them.

You could use them to pay your mortgage…

Or to help your kids or grandkids.

For passive investors, these cash payments can provide a significant income boost.

That's because the amount of money companies are paying out in what we've dubbed "Section 1059 Plans" keeps getting bigger and bigger, because…

American Companies Are Awash in a Sea of Cash

According to Business Insider, U.S. companies posted profits of $495 billion in the last quarter.

That's nearly half a trillion dollars in profits in three months!

No wonder big U.S. companies are sitting on so much cash.

Last time I checked…

Apple was sitting on $106 billion in cash…

Microsoft, $136 billion…

Alphabet had $121 billion in cash on its books…

…and Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway was sitting on $128 billion in cash.

That's where "Section 1059 Plans" come in; it’s how big American companies pay out the billions in cash they have accumulated.

These are payments outside of regular dividends.

For example, in December of 2020, a large American retailer paid out a "Section 1059 Plan" payment of $10 per share.

This wasn't a quarterly dividend or other regularly scheduled payment.

Instead, it was a special payment.

This company usually pays a quarterly dividend of $0.70 per share…so this "Section 1059 Plan" payment was 13 times bigger than a regular dividend payment!

That's right: 13 times bigger!

Last year, an American operator and franchisor of fast food stores, with over 1,000 locations, found itself with access to millions of dollars in extra cash.

So, it declared a special "Section 1059 Plan" payment of $5 a share.

Again, this wasn't a regular dividend. It was a special payment that was 34 times bigger than the company's regular quarterly dividend.

Another company, this one a large money manager that doesn't pay regular quarterly dividends, declared a special dividend of $12 a share in late 2020.

Could you imagine if you owned 1,000 shares of that company? Out of nowhere, you're getting $12,000 in cash!

And hundreds of big American companies are in the same situation.

Collectively, they are sitting on hundreds of billions of dollars in cash.

And they are making millions and billions of dollars in more profits each passing quarter.

Many companies are not investing their extra cash in acquisitions because they can’t find related companies to buy at reasonable prices.

Close-to-zero interest rates have sent company valuations through the roof, making acquisitions very expensive.

As an alternative, they issue what we call "Section 1059 Plan" payments…

…so they can pay out the billions of dollars sitting in their bank accounts to their investors.

And here's the best part about all this:

The Tax-Break Repatriation Plan Has Brought Billions of Dollars Home!

According to Bloomberg, since Congress changed the tax system to encourage American companies to repatriate offshore funds…

…U.S. companies have brought back more than $1 trillion in overseas profits.

This is something the Trump Administration was able to get through under the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act—a preferred lower rate for U.S. companies to bring home cash they have abroad.

The new Biden Administration hasn't proposed any changes to these rules…and why would they, considering all the cash this repatriation program brings home?

That means there are MANY more "Section 1059 Plan" payments that could be issued.

That's why…

"Section 1059 Plan" Payments Could Supercharge Your Portfolio

With interest rates being held so low for so long, investors seeking income have had a difficult time in recent years.

Interest rates on two-year CDs still hover around a measly 1%.

The average dividend yield on S&P 500 stocks is well under 2%.

These low interest rates have punished savers.

That's why "Section 1059 Plan" payments are so exciting!

Consider Chuck*, a bigwig executive, who has an estimated extra $378,705 because of the "Section 1059 Plan" payment his company declared.

That's right: $378,705!

Chuck is just over 50 and still working. But because he’s with a company that issues "Section 1059 Plan" payments, he's collected huge payments that most investors never see.

And here's the best thing about "Section 1059 Plans:" it's easy to sign up for them.

You need to fill out a form.

You provide your name, Social Security number, some other info, and approved identification, such as a driver's license or passport. (You must be age-of-majority.)

Depending on the company, the cost to get in could be as little as $9. That’s the stock price one financial institution was selling for in early 2021 when it declared a special one-time payment.

Or you could have gotten into the big American drink company that was trading at about $95 when it announced it was making a much larger special cash payment to its registered investors.

Of course, the more companies you sign up with—and it's all dependent on how much you invest with them—the bigger your “Section 1059 Plan” payments will potentially be.

One caveat, however: please don't wait.

You have to be registered in advance in order to collect "Section 1059 Plan" cash payments.

And you don't want to miss out on some of the biggest cash payments to come along in years…

The Biggest, Richest Companies Could Pay You

Remember, "Section 1059 Plan" payments come out of a company's profits.

They are almost always handed out in cash, either through checks or through direct deposit into investor accounts.

And as we've seen, U.S. companies now have collectively trillions of dollars in profits on their books.

For big corporations, "Section 1059 Plan" payments are a win-win transaction.

A few years ago, one of America's largest retailers had amassed $6 billion in cash.

The company's board of directors decided to pay out $2.2 billion in enormous one-time cash payments to members.

Individuals who had already registered with the company could have positioned themselves to receive ball-park lump-sum payments of…




And, in some cases, even over…


And here's what's really exciting:

This same company has accumulated billions in cash again.

It's very likely that the company will hand out more "Section 1059 Plan" payments shortly.

It doesn't matter if you're wealthy or are only a small investor.

As long as you register with the company before it declares the special payment and invest in the company, you get your payment.

Act Now…and You Could Be Collecting Your Own "Section 1059 Plan" Payments in Weeks!

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*Names have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals; their information was gathered from government-mandated disclosure documents.