Last Year, 173 of America's Biggest Companies Paid Out Billions

"Section 1059 Plans"

Companies hand out these little-known lump-sum cash payments that are up to 38 times bigger than the regular quarterly dividends they pay!


Dear Fellow Investor,

Have you heard of "Section 1059 Plans?"

If not, you could be missing out on a fantastic source of extra income. 

We've found 173 large companies that paid out billions of dollars last year in what we've dubbed Section 1059 Plans.

Thousands of investors and corporate insiders cashed these checks or had the payments directly deposited into their brokerage accounts.

For example, Loretta*, a manager, collected Section 1059 Plan payments totaling $151,206 — a rough average of $12,600 per month.

Another example is Garrett*, a businessman.

His lump-sum payment was a whopping $94,240. 

That could be enough to pay his mortgage for several years in a row!

And then there's Patrick*, who works in finance. 

He collected the equivalent of $4,000 per month from his Section 1059 Plan.

Charlie*, an executive, collected an estimated $120,000. 

That works out on average to an extra $2,307 in his pocket… each and every week!

Now, if you haven't heard about Section 1059 Plans before, it's understandable.

They're not advertised in the mainstream media.

There is very little information about them on the Internet. 

And the government doesn't help you find out about them, either.

Yet the Payments from These Plans Could Add up to a Second Income!

And what's really great about the payments from these plans is that it's your business how you spend them. 

You could use them to pay your mortgage for a year…

Or to take a luxury vacation…

For income investors, these cash payments could provide a significant boost to their portfolios.

That's because the amount of money companies are paying out in what we call Section 1059 Plans keeps getting bigger and bigger, because…

U.S. Companies Are Now Awash in a Sea of Cash

According to The Wall Street Journal, U.S. companies, having booked record profits, are stashing an estimated $2.4 trillion in foreign subsidiary accounts. 

Some of America's biggest companies have record amounts of "un-repatriated" income held offshore. Last time I checked...

Apple had over $91 billion overseas. 

Pfizer, $80 billion.

Microsoft stashed $108 billion overseas and General Electric $104 billion.

IBC, $68 billion.

That's where Section 1059 Plans come in. They enable big American companies to pay out the billions in cash they have accumulated. These are payments outside of regular dividends.

For example, last January, a large energy company paid out a Section 1059 Plan payment of $2.29 per share — a lump-sum payment that represented a yield of 16.7% in a single day.

This wasn't a quarterly dividend or other regularly scheduled payment. 

Instead, it was a special payment.

This company usually pays a quarterly dividend of $0.06 per share… so this Section 1059 Plan payment was 38 times bigger than a regular dividend payment!

That's right: 38 times bigger!

And hundreds of big American companies are in the same situation. 

That's why they issue what we call Section 1059 Plan payments.

And here's the best part about all this:

The Trump Tax Break Repatriation Plan Means Even MORE Cash Will Be Paid Out!

Many giant American companies will be bringing their cash back to the U.S. as part of Donald Trump's proposed tax amnesty plan.

That means there are LOTS more Section 1059 Plan payments that could be issued.

U.S. corporations previously repatriated overseas income at a one-time reduced rate of 5.25% in 2004, the last time the federal government brought in repatriation tax reform. Nearly 850 companies repatriated an astonishing $300 billion.

The same thing is happening now — and I believe that HUNDREDS of companies will be issuing Section 1059 Plan payments in the coming weeks and months. 

In fact…

Section 1059 Plan Payments Could Supercharge Your Portfolio

With interest rates being held so low for so long, conservative investors seeking income have had a difficult time in recent years.

Interest rates on two-year CDs still hover around a measly 2%. 

The average dividend yield on S&P 500 stocks is under 2%, too.

That's why Section 1059 Plan payments have so many investors excited!

Just consider Richard*, a manager, who now has an extra estimated $1.6 million because of the Section 1059 Plan payments he's collected.

That's right: $1.6 million!

Richard is 59 and still working. But because he invested in a company that issues Section 1059 Plan payments, he's collected huge payments most investors never see.

And here's the best thing about Section 1059 Plans: it's easy to sign up for them.

You provide your name, Social Security number, some other info, and approved identification, such as a driver's license or passport. (You must be age-of-majority.)

Depending on the company, the cost for registering could be as low as $29.

Thousands of investors have already registered with specific companies to collect Section 1059 Plan payments.

Of course, the more companies you sign up with — and the more you invest — the bigger your Section 1059 Plan payments will potentially be.

One caveat, however: please don't wait.

You have to be registered in advance in order to collect Section 1059 Plan cash payments.

You don't want to miss out on some of the biggest cash payments to come along in years…

America's Biggest, Richest Companies Could Pay No Matter What

Remember, Section 1059 Plan payments come out of a company's profits.

They are almost always handed out in cash, either through checks or through direct deposit into investor accounts. 

And as we've seen, U.S. companies now have literally trillions of dollars in profits to share.

For big corporations, Section 1059 Plan payments are a win-win transaction.

A few years ago, one of America's largest retailers had amassed $3.9 billion in cash.

The company's board of directors decided to pay out $3.5 billion in enormous one-time cash payments to the company's registered Section 1059 Plan members. 

Individuals who had registered with the company could have positioned themselves to receive lump-sum payments of…

…$7,000 …

…$23,000 …

…$45,000 … And, in at least one case, even…


And here's what is really exciting: 

This same company has accumulated $3.3 billion in cash.

It's very likely that the company will soon hand out more Section 1059 Plan payments shortly.

It doesn't matter if you're wealthy or only a small investor. 

As long as you register with the company in time, you get your check.

Act Now… and You Could Be Collecting Your Own Section 1059 Plan Payments in Weeks!

Hello. My name is Robert Baillieul, B.Comm.

I'm a senior editor here at Lombardi Publishing Corporation, specializing in income investing.

I have a Bachelor of Commerce from Saint Mary’s University. Prior to joining Lombardi, I worked as a risk analyst at TD Securities, a division of a top 10 North American bank with 25 million customers worldwide.

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For one thing, these Section 1059 Plan payments are huge! 

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