America’s Largest Oil Companies Restrict Non-Employee

"Oil Pension Checks?"

(“Oil Pension Checks” have no income or maximum age restrictions. They are not advertised; that’s why most investors have never heard of the program.)


Dear Friend,

What we’ve dubbed “Oil Pension Checks” could outlive you and continue to generate steady, reliable income for your heirs five, even 10 years after you’re gone.

In fact, corporate insiders are already profiting from these “Oil Pension Check” opportunities…

Mark* was declared about $18,157 in one year thanks to one of these “Oil Pension” companies. That comes out to an average of $1,513 a month.

Over a one-year period, I figure Timothy* was declared about $7,525 from his “Oil Pension” companies.

Perry* was declared at least $56,142 from his “Oil Pension” company in 2023.

Think about that…

The AVERAGE monthly social security benefit paid out for a retired worker is $1,781…

And you have to be well into your golden years to even start collecting!

What we call “Oil Pension Checks” are investments that could likely SURVIVE you…and continue to generate steady, reliable income for your heirs for years after you’re gone.

In a moment, I’ll give you a breakdown of the three best “Oil Pension” companies where I believe you should park some of your cash now to secure regular income streams.

But first, let me tell you about the…

Secret of “Oil Pension” Profits

My name is George Leong, B.Comm.

I’m a Senior Analyst here at Lombardi Publishing Corporation, an independent investment research firm that's just celebrated its 37th year in business.

I’ve been obsessed with the markets for three decades now. On several occasions, I have been chosen as the top stock picker of the year at the equity research company I work for.

I have written thousands of research reports on individual stocks and have written two books on investing.

Today, I want to share with you an incredible opportunity that I’ve dubbed the “Oil Pension Check” program.

To be clear, these “Oil Pension Checks” do not require you to have actually worked with any of these companies.

Nor are “Oil Pension Checks” simple dividend stocks either.

They’re in a class all to themselves—some having delivered returns for years.

You’re not even a “shareholder” when you get involved with these companies.

You’re actually classified as a “partner” in the company…without the headaches of actually being involved in the day-to-day operations.

And compared to the average regular, old-fashioned average dividend stock, the payouts “Oil Pension” companies make to their partners can be huge.

It’s why someone like Linda* who was declared at least $41,769 last year from one of these companies.

It’s also why a Credit Suisse Senior Analyst said, “Oil Pensions” are “Wall Street’s Best-Kept Secret…”

And what prompted Barron’s to write that “Oil Pensions” “…have been one of the best investments in the past 10 years…”

When it comes to safe, steady returns, the “Oil Pension” companies are hard to beat.

So, what—exactly—are these “Oil Pension” companies, and how are they capable of delivering such huge returns?

Reagan’s Loophole

It starts with President Ronald Reagan.

On October 22, 1986, President Reagan signed the Tax Reform Act of 1986.

This act reduced certain tax privileges while cutting overall taxes and reducing rates for businesses and families.

However, there was another, lesser-known law in this legislation.

In an effort to light a fire under domestic energy development, Reagan forged one of the greatest income investments of the century.

Basically, it allowed a certain group of companies to pay NO corporate tax, as long as they earned at least 90% of their income through activities involving the transportation of commodities in the U.S.A.

If they did that, their corporate structure would be regarded differently…including allowing them to significantly reduce their corporate taxes.

All they have to do is manage the storage and transportation of oil.

They don’t need to drill new wells or worry about the spot price of crude.

They have a simple and often very profitable business model:

A well operator tells them they have a certain number of barrels to transport and they pay the “Oil Pension” company a set fee per barrel. It’s as simple as that.

That’s why many of their yields have been soaring for years…and why they’ve outpaced the market.

It’s easy for you to join, too. In giving certain companies these tax benefits, Reagan created a form of “publicly traded” partnership…

…a way for you to buy into these companies and collect the same yield rates…

…possibly with the same tax benefits…as many of the oil company employees.

As you’ve probably guessed at this point, the “Oil Pension” companies are actually pipeline companies.

And for pipeline companies, the only important question is:

How much oil is coming out of the ground?

With oil production of around one million barrels a day in places like North Dakota…and over four million barrels a day in Texas…these “Oil Pension” companies have been trouncing the market.

And every one of those oil barrels represents more profit for these companies.

The reason is that you’re not actually seen as an investor; these are not “dividends.”

Instead, these companies are traded as partnerships on the New York Stock Exchange.

Yes, you can buy them through a regular brokerage account.

And they pay out the majority of their profits to their partners.

That’s why the executives who run the companies have such a vested interest in seeing them perform well…

…because they’re probably making their money the same way you are!

At one time, the CEO of one $32-billion “Oil Pension” company was paying himself a salary of just $1—likely because he’ll pay more tax on his salary than on the distributions he can collect from the company.

Without pipelines, there is almost no oil transportation at all in this country.

They are vital to the economic health of the country…and they represent the potential for huge rewards for investors.

Simply put, these pipeline companies are a great place to park some of your cash for potentially exceptional yields.

Of course, it goes without saying that the bigger your investment in these pipeline companies, the bigger your payouts.

Now I have one more thing to share with you: how YOU can claim your share of these pipeline profits.

Three Pipelines Bursting with Profits!

Through my research, I’ve come across three companies that made me stand up and pay attention…

I was so impressed with these companies that I researched and wrote a report called, Oil Pension Checks: How You Could Make Six Figures Every Year from American Pipeline Companies.

In this document, I outline what I believe are three rock-solid pipeline plays…

I believe ALL of these companies are positioned—right now—to thrive as the American energy boom accelerates.

Oil Pension Checks: How You Could Make Six Figures Every Year from American Pipeline Companies is valued at $95.

And you won’t be charged a penny for Oil Pension Checks: How You Could Make Six Figures Every Year from American Pipeline Companies.

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“Income for Life”

As I said earlier, my name is George Leong.

Having been involved in the financial markets for years, I can tell you with confidence that it’s been a terrible time for savers and income investors…

Historically low interest rates have been friendly to stock market speculators but the enemy of savers and conservative investors.

According to the National Institute on Retirement Security, more than 100 million Americans of working age do not own any retirement account assets.

The average social security benefit for a retired worker is a measly $1,781 a month.

That’s hardly enough to cover property taxes, groceries, and medical expenses.

And it certainly doesn’t make it possible for you to do the ONE THING your retirement is meant for: enjoying some hard-earned relaxation.

That’s why I set out to create a publication specifically designed to help people secure the retirement they deserve.

The result is Income for Life.

Every month, investors on my Income for Life distribution list receive an eight- to 10-page report.

This report outlines a handful of income investments…and gives specific instructions on whether to “Buy” more…“Sell”…or simply “Hold” what’s in my recommended portfolio of income investments.

It gives a fundamental and technical breakdown of my investment recommendations. And not in technical jargon, either; it’s all written for the layman to easily digest. But…

Speculators Need Not Apply

In my opinion, your time and money are too precious to throw around in silly speculation.

That’s why, since the first issue in 2009, we have recommended only 59 income investment picks in Income for Life.

That comes out to one new investment recommendation every three months or so.

And we're long, long term players. We keep a position open for an average of seven years! Hence, why I say "speculators need not apply." This is a service for serious, safe, long-term income seeking investors.

The average return on our 59 recommendations in the newsletter since we started in 2009 has been a whopping 73.4%.

Now this is important:

That 73.4% is just capital growth. It doesn't include the handsome payments my income picks pay out during the months and years my picks are open.

Yes, 73.4% is the average return per pick including both our open and closed positions.

There are even individual top picks in my portfolio that have grown upwards of 208%…385%…even 433%!

I have received letters from grateful retirees who are surviving and thriving because of the few investments they made by following my Income for Life advisory.

Now, I want to make this perfectly clear:

While my track record sounds phenomenal…

…there’s no guarantee that every one of my recommendations will make money.

Past performance is no guarantee of future results, and all investments—no matter how safe they sound—have risk.

That said…

…I think my latest discovery is my best yet.

These “Oil Pension” companies represent some of the highest-yielding, most explosive “income” investments I’ve ever seen.

And I believe they’re on the launch pad to rocket even higher.

That’s why I penned my special intelligence report, Oil Pension Checks: How You Could Make Six Figures Every Year from American Pipeline Companies.

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I can’t be fairer than that.

Rounding It All up…

So, here’s what you KNOW:

  1. You now know the history of these “Oil Pension” companies, and why they pay out so much to their partners.

  2. You’ve also seen how you could collect your share of profits from these companies and why the executives who run the companies themselves have a vested interest in increasing your payouts every year!

  3. I’ve shown you how to access my favorite “Oil Pension” plays—companies I selected after months of research with the goal of helping you achieve safe, rising income.

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*Names have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals; their information was gathered from government-mandated disclosure documents.