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Dear Reader,

Most people have no idea Uncle Sam indirectly sponsors thousands of retirees…

… by paying millions of dollars every year into what we call a Six Percent Cash Rebate Fund.

Like Meg*. Her Cash Rebate Fund brings her the equivalent of just over $630 each month. It’s something she can rely on as she heads toward her retirement years.

Or Sam*, an executive, who takes in about $1,820 a month.

And then there’s Danny*, who went bigger, taking in over $4,850 a month right now.

And these “insider” examples aren’t the only people cashing in.

In fact, according to the U.S. Internal Revenue Code, the Six Percent Cash Rebate Fund is contractually required to make payments to people on its distribution list.

No wonder Joe* is on record as saying the fund he’s involved with "has paid a consistently high [income]."

Hank* says, "I’m a loyal long-term holder… I enjoy its regular [income] payments."

And Eric* reports, "I hold this for the [income]… I am content to just keep and collect [it]."

Investors are turning to the Six Percent Cash Rebate Fund to juice up their income and their retirement.

Sound unbelievable?

Well, even CNN Money says these types of funds "have long been a go-to investment for retirees looking for reliable income."

U.S. News added that government-endorsed funds like this "are designed to generate income for investors."

So why aren't all retirees or those close to retiring exploiting this strategy?

The Six Percent Cash Rebate Fund gets little coverage from the press.

It's not something you wake up and read about in the morning paper or see promoted on financial web sites…

Far from it.

But as long as you're a diligent tax-paying citizen, then this could be the one time to turn the tables…

Because earning income from this government-supported source is like getting your own personal "rebate…"

How can I say that?

As you’ll learn below, the government pays millions into what we call the Six Percent Cash Rebate Fund.

And by law, 90% of the cash in this obscure fund MUST be distributed to Americans.

For a government-supported fund like this… yielding over six percent in returns…

It's not unusual to collect between $630 and $4,850 a month from the fund, depending on how big your first (and any subsequent) investment in the fund is. In fact, it could be an…

Income Cash Cow for Retirees

Just consider the case of Bill*. He’s at the top of the pole when it comes to the Six Percent Cash Rebate Fund

And I don’t think he could be any happier about getting in on this opportunity…

He’s bringing in a whopping $103,716 a year from the Six Percent Cash Rebate Fund—that comes out to about $8,643 a month!

What I call the Six Percent Cash Rebate Fund is one of the most secure vehicles I've seen for a reliable income in years.

Alan*, another fund beneficiary, says, "I intend to hold this forever."

Thousands of Investors Are Banking on This Income Strategy

Let's be honest. One of the major problems with being a retiree on a fixed income is—it’s fixed income.

But living costs rise with inflation, so you’ll want your investment income to do so, too.

That's why retirees are going through a tough time as their savings dwindle over the long haul.

Inflation, medical expenses, and unplanned emergencies alone can wipe out your savings. Or you can even outlive your savings easily.

Making this government-supported "rebate" fund a lifesaver.

Plus, based on the evidence we've seen, the Six Percent Cash Rebate Fund has been increasing what it pays out over the last few years.

As inflation rises, the government pays more money into this fund.

No wonder some retirees love it.

And some are even going big with it… building massive portfolios.

Take Robert*, a portfolio manager at Bank of America. He said these funds are "such a good fit for retirees, because they have a very consistent and typically growing income stream."

As you may have guessed, Robert* used funds similar to the Six Percent Cash Rebate Fund to build portfolios for his clients…

It's a go-to income source for retirees who want to earn safe income.

This money is there… You can tap it.

I didn't say so. The government did when it passed legislation to create this fund.

The way I see it…

Over the years, you've diligently paid your fair share of taxes as an American.

This is a simple and easy way to earn back some money that indirectly comes from those same government coffers you helped pay into for so long…

Lots of cash that could go towards your retirement.

And guess what… over $63 million is already earmarked for distribution.

That's why I'm blowing the lid off this government-supported Six Percent Cash Rebate Fund once and for all…

Let me tell you…

How I Found This Government- Supported Cash Cow

Jing Pan

Jing Pan, B.SC., MA

My name is Jing Pan.

I have a Bachelor of Science and a Master’s Degree in Economics.

I was a project analyst at BMO Capital Markets, the investment banking arm of one of the ten largest banks in North America. Prior to that, I was a graduate research assistant at a prestigious university founded way back in 1827.

And admittedly, I have a very analytical mind.

For the past few years, I’ve been a senior income analyst here at Lombardi Publishing Corporation…

… an investor research company that just celebrated its 34th year in business, having now served over million customers in 141 countries.

I've been researching the Six Percent Cash Rebate Fund for months now.

This isn't the kind of money-maker that’s front-and-center in the mainstream media.

But here at Lombardi, we have a knack for discovering these kinds of income secrets that are retirement-friendly and that require just a few hundred dollars to begin with.

Which brings me full circle to this government-supported cash rebate fund I've been telling you about in this presentation… and how…

The Government Is Indirectly Helping Fund the Retirement of Thousands of Americans

Question is, why is the government paying millions into the Six Percent Cash Rebate Fund, as we call it?

The answer is simple.

The government, like every other business, must pay rent for the space its government agencies occupy in massive buildings across the country.

That includes the IRS… the Department of Energy… Customs and Border Protection… Department of Labor… Social Security Admin… Department of Justice… Defense Intelligence Agency, and many more…

But in this case, the rent money does not go to some rich private landlord based in China or some other country…


Instead, the government rental fees go directly into what we've dubbed the Six Percent Cash Rebate Fund.

Just take the IRS, for example…

These guys operate a 180,481-square-foot building located in Fresno, California.

By contract, every year the government pays $6.5 million in rent fees on behalf of the IRS for its building in Fresno.

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) operates a 327,614-square-foot outpatient clinic in Loma Linda, California.

By contract, every year the government pays $16.1 million in rent fees on behalf of the VA for this building.

And that's just two buildings.

In fact, millions of dollars are paid into this fund on behalf of government agencies.

So how can you make this work like a cash rebate in your favor?

Once the money is in the fund, 90% of what is left after expenses must be distributed back out to investors on the distribution list of the Six Percent Cash Rebate Fund.

In fact…

$63 Million Is to Be Distributed
in the Next 12 Months

But you must hurry…

Because, based on figures submitted to the SEC…

Over 63 million bucks is already on the books…

Ready to be distributed back to retirees and investors over the next four quarters.

This Six Percent Cash Rebate Fund is just perfect if you want to earn some cash…

Not once… but over and over again.

It’s unlike anything I’ve seen before…

Folks near or in retirement are using this fund as a way to earn reliable payouts…

Indirectly from the most guaranteed source… good ole Uncle Sam.

In fact, when the government created this type of fund… it laid out rules under which this fund must operate.

The first is that 90% of all the cash collected by this type of fund after expenses MUST be distributed back…

The second rule is that this type of fund must be run by a board of trustees.

And these trustees cannot do as they please.

Because all of this is regulated by the SEC and IRS.

Maybe that's why Forbes calls these types of funds "income machines."

Consider this…

Unless Washington shuts down the government for good… which is very unlikely…

Government offices will always be mandatory for the likes of the IRS… the Department of Energy… Customs and Border Protection… Department of Labor… Social Security Admin… Department of Justice… and many more.

And it doesn't matter whether the economy is good or bad… or if the stock market goes up or down… or if we are experiencing a pandemic or other global health crisis.

None of that matters.

Because government offices don't go "out of business!"

The government will ALWAYS continue to operate its offices across the country and pay into this fund.

I believe there are few things in life you can count on. And this government payout is one of them!

It is so dependable… and so reliable…

According to a recent study, 18% of high-net-worth investors… with between $5 million and $25 million in assets…

… are using these types of funds.

Having said that…

Here's What You Need to Know to Start Collecting This Personal Income

First, you need to get on the distribution list.

When you do that, you become a unit holder in the fund.

And while you may consider this to be your personal rebate account, you just need a one-time contribution to get in.

It could be as little as $100. Or you can even go big and begin your rebate account with more. Obviously, like every safe investment, the more you put in, the more you earn.

It's really up to you.

Plus, while you're getting regular payouts… your original get-in principal could potentially increase in value over time.

That's why the Six Percent Cash Rebate Fund is perfect for folks who want to start small…

Live off These Payments by Creating Your Personal "Rebate" Portfolio

And the cash you earn from the Six Percent Cash Rebate Fund is yours to do with as you please.

Use it to pay for those monthly expenses and bills that never seem to go away.

Or just stash it away in case an unforeseen emergency arises.

All indirectly thanks to the government!

To get you started, I want to send you my research report called Six Percent Cash Rebate Fund—Government-Endorsed Payouts.

In this report, you’ll learn…

Report Cover: Auto Rebate Checks: The Secret Millionaire Retirement Plan

I'll show you how to use this strategy to help create your own cash rebate portfolio…

… to help you pay your bills or for an unforeseen emergency.

We value the Six Percent Cash Rebate Fund—Government-Endorsed Payouts report at $95.

But I won't ask that you pay for it.

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Having been involved in the financial markets for years, I can tell you with confidence that it’s been a terrible time for retirees…

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A study by the U.S. Census Bureau shows about 15% of retirement-age workers are still in the workforce.

What other choice do they have?

With the average Social Security benefit for a retired worker being just over $1,400 a month…

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Sometimes a second income stream won't even cut it.

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Now, I want to make this perfectly clear:

While my track record sounds phenomenal…

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Past performance is no guarantee of future results and all investments—no matter how safe they sound—have some form of risk.

That said…

Nothing I've done in the past tops my latest research on these government-endorsed funds.

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Yes! $100 off the regular annual price!

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Of course, the special report, Six Percent Cash Rebate Fund—Government-Endorsed Payouts, is always yours to keep with our compliments.

This guarantee is backed by our company, in business for 34 years now and having served over one million customers in 141 countries!

I can’t be fairer than that.

Make the right decision today.

There are literally thousands of dollars at stake with these government-supported funds.

After all, you've diligently paid your fair share of taxes whether you're retired or not…

The taxman has not missed a single beat in collecting.

If you're thinking like me… then this is the perfect way to turn the tables and earn some cash that's being paid by Uncle Sam.

Act today!

I'll walk you through the entire process in your complimentary report.

Don't sleep on it.

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Yours truly,

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Jing Pan, B.Sc., MA
Senior Analyst
Lombardi Publishing Corporation

*While these are real examples, names have been changed to protect the privacy of the individuals.